For Russian companies

We will make every effort to ensure that your entry into a new market is quick, efficient and loss-free. To do this, the Mongerine team uses all existing promotion channels and the most advanced analysis and sales technologies.



    1. Search for a buyer, dealer, distributor

      This service results in a detailed report that contains a list of relevant partners in a certain country and information based on the requirements of a Client. The depth of reporting and negotiations depends on customer preferences.

      For complete coverage of a designated market we use all channels of the search: direct ones, business associations, a system of commercial agencies, chambers of commerce and industry, opportunities of “the Russian export center”. In the process of work, specialists of Mongerine receive the maximum of initial information from a potential partner: from whom, at the present moment, such products can be bought, how much they cost, terms of the soonest purchase, contact information of a seller and responsible specialists.  

      We work according to the formula “contact = contract” and, at a request of a Client, we may represent his interests and negotiate on his behalf to the date of entering into a contract.

    2. DDP price calculation and cargo delivery

      This service results in a detailed estimate of cost of your product at the seller’s warehouse (DDP) or at any other terms under Incoterms.

      Our specialists will also help to estimate and develop a transportation layout chart of cargo delivery (which is especially important if your delivery is combined and involves different means of transportation). The estimate will include the best option of transport logistics based on the price to quality ratio.

      The estimate is provided in MS Excel to help employees of your company in making such estimates in future on their own each time it becomes necessary.

    3. Market research

      Market research has never been this precise. We consider all aspects of the chosen market: its condition and tendencies, buyers and competitors, legal regulation, obstacles, direct and indirect risks. Objectively and without any fluff. Content of a document is thoroughly agreed upon with a Client.

      Besides, we always hire industry professionals for development of the research. The average number of such respondents in our analyses amounts to 10 experts who represent buyers and competitors at a certain market.

      Thereby, analytics of Mongerine consists exceptionally of actual information from market experts. The service results in a full-fledged guide for the target market.

    4. Outsourcing of foreign activity department, active sales

      Export oriented companies are not always ready to create an independent subdivision inside the organization and pay a competitive salary to multilingual specialists. However, such department is a must-have. This is why we have created the service of export sales outsourcing (rental of the foreign activity department).

      We are not into telemarketing, calling around based on ordinary “scripts”. The Mongerine team implements the full cycle of sales. At least seven of our employees come from sales departments of large businesses and state structures (“Transmachholding”, LLC., “Concern Kalashnikov” LLC., “Sinara Group” LLC. etc.).

      We are pretty much flexible with our Clients and we can undertake only certain functions: the initial stage of sales (identification of needs, decision-makers), sale of specific kinds of products, sales in a certain country or within a specific market segment.

    5. Dealer system creation, execution of dealer functions

      Entrance to the foreign market through local agents is one of the best options based on the price to efficiency ratio. And we help to find such companies and establish long-term business relationships with them.

      The Mongerine team thoroughly analyzes parameters of a potential partner: professional experience at a certain market, line of products, financial health, conflict with competitive brands, availability of public contracts and contracts with the biggest purchasing companies. We believe that our company is second to none at the market of Central and South East Europe. Backed by representatives almost in each country of this region, we are ready to perform functions of your dealer independently.

      The service eventually results in creation and structuring of work with the dealer network, distributors and regional representatives at the target market.

    6. Placement of goods in retail networks

      The first order from the big retail network may become a turning point for your business, it can significantly increase the recognition of your product among consumers and other retailing companies.

      The Mongerine team has accumulated successful experience of sales organization in retail networks of different regions of the world and proved that it has a free marketplace for our Clients.

      We believe in your company and your product, that is why we will go all the way from the first contract to placement of goods on the counter: preparation of a covering letter, the required package of documents (market research, certificates, description of industrial capacity and maintenance service), preparation of products for estimation, making contracts on beneficial terms.

    7. Participation in tenders, public procurement, online auctions

      The major part of “interesting” orders is found through tendering procedures. And we help our Clients to accumulate this important expertise – to efficiently participate in tenders.

      Our team will help you to perform all necessary actions for participation in a procurement process: to register in the procurement system, to prepare the proper package of documents, to properly make an application and avoid rejection due to a formal reason.

      If this has not been done yet, we will analyze the conformity of your company to the rules of the tender and estimate the prospects of your participation.

    8. Selection of foreign producers and suppliers, import organization

      This service is especially useful for the companies interested in product line expansion, reduction of production costs, expanding of the current suppliers’ portfolio (to avoid risks) and winning foreign companies for outsourcing.

      Our team selects only the best suppliers of goods, works and services, in the process of search we analyze all parameters of a company: experience in required products supply, experience in supply to the Russian Federation, terms of production, certification, financial health, costs of logistics.

      The service results in the report that contains the list and detailed characteristics of suppliers of required goods.

    1. Foreign trade contract development

      Significance of a properly made contract for successful foreign trade supply is hard to overestimate: this document not only juristically validates understandings between parties and decreases risks of subsequent disputes but also forms the basis of customs clearance procedures and exchange control. These factors significantly increase responsibility required for the analysis of such contracts.

      Backed by the experience in the full-service support of international transactions, lawyers of Mongerine provide Clients with ideally prepared documents only and thereby considerably minimize the risk of red tape occurrence and other unexpected situations in the course of subsequent supplies.

    2. Tax structuring of business and exchange operations

      Over the recent years the international tax structuring of business has become especially important against the integration of the Common Reporting Standard system, tightening of control over taxpayers at the Russian and international levels.

      Early preparation for an international transaction and its proper structuring that considers all applicable norms allows our Clients both to reduce exchange and tax risks and to optimize tax liabilities related to this or that operation.


    3. Check of business reputation of potential partners

      Contractor check prior to dealmaking allows to cut risks immeasurably at low cost. However, each country has its own peculiarities of such checking and they need to be considered for obtaining relevant and correct information.

      The Mongerine team has a successful experience in independent comprehensive verification of legal entities in 20 states, it also has a wide network of local partners that allows to cover more than 50 states.

      The service results in a detailed analytical report that includes the following sections:

      • Information about a potential partner from corporate registries;
      • Information based on court records;
      • Financial health;
      • Information about tax liabilities;
      • List of authorized representatives and beneficiaries.  

    4. Intellectual property protection
      Intellectual property protection

      The proper strategy for protection of intellectual property when entering the foreign market and its implementation provide exporters with a number of significant advantages:

      • Reduction of risk of intellectual property counterfeit and theft by third parties, which is especially critical for sales in Asia;
      • Intellectual property objects registered abroad become valuable assets of an exporter, which is positively treated by investors and banks at customs clearance and trade operations on the particular market.
      • Preliminary check ensures the absence of claims from third parties related to violation of their patent, intellectual and other rights at customs clearance and trade operations on the particular market.
    5. Assistance with product certification in EU, EAEU

      Assessment of products compliance to the requirements of the designated market is an inevitable stage of an international supply. It often entails significant challenges for an exporter: analysis of the target market legislation in a foreign language, search for a licensed certification institute and communication with it. It is not always possible to do this without any assistance and quite often economically unviable.

      Spending considerably less resources, you can assign these matters to Mongerine specialists. Our team is not only pretty much experienced in obtaining CE, ISO, QS and other certificates for more than 50 different products, but it also cooperates with leading test laboratories of Europe.

      At your request, Mongerine specialists will prepare a detailed analytical report with information on the procedures to be undertaken for delivery of products to the target market, mid-market prices and the terms required for completion of such procedures. Subsequently, our team may represent your interests while going through certification procedures.

    1. E2E organization of business-missions and conferences

      On a constant basis we cooperate with export support centers, commercial agencies of the Russian Federation in foreign countries, Ministry of Industry and Trade subdivisions, and we know how to make a business mission effective. In its work our team follows the formula “contact = contract” and focuses on the business component while arranging an event.

      Every participant of a business mission receives recommendations for the market entry, a list of promising partners, an eventful schedule and purchase requisitions. It goes without saying that the Mongerine team also takes care of a Russian delegation and prepares accommodation, transfer, interpreters, offices and dining.

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