About export to China

Mongerine has given a training session for exporters in Vologda to cover the issues of approaching the Chinese market

On 21st November 2019, at the request of the Vologda industrial and commercial chamber, there was held a seminar devoted to the topic “Export and China”. Head of Mongeroine legal department, Sergey Kurochkin, told about nuances of running business in the Celestial Empire to entrepreneurs of Vologda.

In the course of the seminar the key features of the Chinese legal system were covered, as well as the issues related to overcoming custom barriers and maintenance of foreign trade contracts. The check of Chinese contractors and settlement of possible disputes with them were also discussed at the seminar. Due to the fact that the Chinese region often seems to be “terra incognita” in view of considerable cultural and linguistic peculiarities, the lector talked through many different matters concerning the market of China, exporters might be interested in.

Apart from the lecture material, the participants were offered to solve practice-oriented tasks in the form of the exporter’s workbook with real cases from the international economic activity.

China is presently considered to be a promising export area, especially in the conditions of the economic confrontation with the west. In this connection, the legal enlightenment of export beginners may considerably help them to make first steps in conquering the Asian market and to prevent risks that might occur while working in the foreign region.


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