For government organizations

We will help you organize your event at a high level, and each participant will receive the required information, promising contacts and purchase requests. For this, the Mongerine team uses all existing sales channels: direct, embassies and trade missions, business associations and chambers of commerce, government agencies.



    1. Search for a buyer, dealer, distributor

      This service results in a detailed report that contains a list of relevant partners in a certain country and information based on the requirements of a Client. The depth of reporting and negotiations depends on customer preferences.

      For complete coverage of a designated market we use all channels of the search: direct ones, business associations, a system of commercial agencies, chambers of commerce and industry, opportunities of “the Russian export center”. In the process of work, specialists of Mongerine receive the maximum of initial information from a potential partner: from whom, at the present moment, such products can be bought, how much they cost, terms of the soonest purchase, contact information of a seller and responsible specialists.  

      We work according to the formula “contact = contract” and, at a request of a Client, we may represent his interests and negotiate on his behalf to the date of entering into a contract.

    2. Market research

      Market research has never been this precise. We consider all aspects of the chosen market: its condition and tendencies, buyers and competitors, legal regulation, obstacles, direct and indirect risks. Objectively and without any fluff. Content of a document is thoroughly agreed upon with a Client.

      Besides, we always hire industry professionals for development of the research. The average number of such respondents in our analyses amounts to 10 experts who represent buyers and competitors at a certain market.

      Thereby, analytics of Mongerine consists exceptionally of actual information from market experts. The service results in a full-fledged guide for the target market.

    1. Assistance with product certification in EU, EAEU

      Assessment of products compliance to the requirements of the designated market is an inevitable stage of an international supply. It often entails significant challenges for an exporter: analysis of the target market legislation in a foreign language, search for a licensed certification institute and communication with it. It is not always possible to do this without any assistance and quite often economically unviable.

      Spending considerably less resources, you can assign these matters to Mongerine specialists. Our team is not only pretty much experienced in obtaining CE, ISO, QS and other certificates for more than 50 different products, but it also cooperates with leading test laboratories of Europe.

      At your request, Mongerine specialists will prepare a detailed analytical report with information on the procedures to be undertaken for delivery of products to the target market, mid-market prices and the terms required for completion of such procedures. Subsequently, our team may represent your interests while going through certification procedures.

    1. E2E organization of business-missions and conferences

      On a constant basis we cooperate with export support centers, commercial agencies of the Russian Federation in foreign countries, Ministry of Industry and Trade subdivisions, and we know how to make a business mission effective. In its work our team follows the formula “contact = contract” and focuses on the business component while arranging an event.

      Every participant of a business mission receives recommendations for the market entry, a list of promising partners, an eventful schedule and purchase requisitions. It goes without saying that the Mongerine team also takes care of a Russian delegation and prepares accommodation, transfer, interpreters, offices and dining.

    2. Execution of educational events, moderation

      We are happy to share our knowledge, expertise and competence with companies who plan to enter foreign markets. We know what we talk about because Mongerine specialists daily conduct export and import operations with their own efforts and some members of our team come from leading Russian companies, state and diplomatic institutions.

      Over the 5 years of the company existence, the Mongerine team has participated in implementation of export projects important not only for our Clients but also for the entire Russian export.

      Our experts may give practical seminars to export-oriented companies on any topic in the sphere of international business and become moderators of your events.

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We will help ensure the competitiveness and transparency of your procurement process.
Moreover, we have no doubt that Mongerine`s offer will be the best.
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