Export accelerator in Kazan

Mongerine representatives told entrepreneurs from Tatarstan about legal nuances of international business

Mongerine company took part in the export accelerator for small and medium business entities in Tatarstan organized by the Business Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan jointly with international company KPMG. Under the scope of the accelerator, representatives of the company successfully conducted the module “Legal support of International Business”.

Head of Foreign Trade Department at Mongerine, Nikita Maslov, discussed different legal aspects of international business with participants of the conference, such aspects are to be considered by every exporter: making of a commercial proposal, precontractual check of contractors, dealing with customs barriers, international protection of intellectual property etc.

A foreign economic contract became the key topic of the conference. Foreign market for entry-level exporters is often associated with significant legal risks due to the lack of knowledge of foreign legislation, language and peculiarities of business operations in an unknown country, that is why the Tatar businessmen were provided with a detailed information of the structure and recommended contents of a foreign economic contract, and also of technical nuances to be considered while making such contract.

The focus of the attention was a supply contract as the most widespread export type of contract.

All the lecture material was supplemented by examples from actual foreign business activity at the market of European Union. The audience was acquainted with the most illustrative cases and popular mistakes. Further to the training, the entrepreneurs, backed by the recommendations of the specialists, made their own foreign economic contract and obtained necessary advice on foreign market operations.

Nowadays, Tatarstan is actively and successfully developing its foreign economic activity and this fact makes the country one of the five largest exporters of Russia – as of 2018, the export of the region increased for 17,5% and amounted to 15,4 billion dollars.


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