An international company providing services to Russian and foreign businesses and government organizations in the field of international trade and investment
international trade experts
from four countries

Mongerine Team

The Mongerine team consists of 11 experts in the field of foreign trade and international jurisprudence from Russia, Austria, Estonia and Slovakia. Each of them is a dedicated professional with experience at either international companies, diplomatic institutions or relevant government agencies. The experience, competencies and connections of the team allow us to use all existing channels in solving the tasks set by our Clients.

Mongerine Office

Mongerine's head office is located in the geographical center of Europe (Slovakia, Bratislava), which is a perfect location to do business with all the EU and the EAEU member-states.
Turnover in 2019

Financial performance

Mongerine was founded in 2014 and is showing stable financial performance since then. In 2019, the turnover amounted to 37.4 million rubles (526 thousand euro). The company has no debts and is not in the process of liquidation or reorganization.
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