Business-mission of the Udmurt Republic in Slovakia and Czech Republic

Mongerine arranged a business trip for business representatives of Udmurtia to Eastern Europe

For entrepreneurs of Udmurtia October 2019 began efficiently: seven companies from the region paid a visit to Slovak and Czech Republics as part of the business mission organized by Mongerine with support from commercial agencies of Russia in Slovakia and Czech Republic. The delegation was headed by Deputy PM of Udmurtia, representative of the Head of Udmurtia under Russia’s President Mikhail Victorovich Khomich.

In the course of the business mission organization, the Mongerine team conducted a comprehensive marketing campaign that allowed to accommodate the interests of all Udmurt companies from different spheres (from robotization to chemical industry) and to form an eventful program for them. Among the events of the business mission were: the Slovak-Russian business forum, market of contacts in Czech Republic, participation of the delegation in Engineering Fair MSV-2019 and individual meetings with partners for every participant of the mission. Besides, there were arranged negotiations with representatives of state organizations (participants of the Slovak Union of Constructors, Minister of Industry and Trade of Czech Republic) with the purpose of discussion of the matters related to the entry into the market of Eastern Europe.

The business mission ended with establishment of promising cooperation between Russian and Slovak manufacturers. Thus, representatives of BFG Robotics company visited the factory of a prospering Slovak customer interested in robotization of its production. Presently, BFG Robotics is making a commercial proposal for its new partner. Izhsintez-Himprom Company (producer of disinfectants for lovestock- and plant raising industries) found two potential distributors and an end-buyer. Trading House “ENKO” (manufacturer of transformers) and Scientific Production Center “Quality” (auto parts developer) negotiated with potential dealers of their products. Companies-producers of construction materials (Armplast Company and design bureau “Osnova Plus”) found partners ready to promote their products at the Slovak market.

Udmurt enterprises actively visit foreign countries aiming to expand the export geography: in this aspect, Eastern Europe is full of potential as it serves as a bridge to the European market.


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